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Wer auf dieser Seite tatsächlich was über Butterbrote erwartet, der sollte doch besser zu Wikipedia schauen.. er wird nicht enttäuscht sein.

Hier gibts stattdessen Kram von Max, Georg, Heve und Floe.
Ausserdem haben wir ein internes Wiki.

If you were actually looking for information about buttered slices of bread (yes, there seem to be people who do), then we suggest you look over to Wikipedia.. you won't be disappointed. (Note: as buttered bread is quite thoroughly german in origin, there's no entry in the english edition of Wikipedia. In case you're really bored, write one.)

EDIT: Satire is sometimes obsoleted by reality. Max wrote one.

Here, you'll find stuff from Max, Georg, Heve and Floe instead.
Moreover, we have an internal Wiki.

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